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Press Handlooms

Press conferences and electronic media on handlooms.com

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  Press conferences and electronic media on handlooms.com--2




The following services and the products are to be marketed.


  1. General Registrations, It includes both online and registration in our offline printed directory in their particular city and product like ______saree, kids wear, salwarsuits etc.

      The cost for the service is Rs.1000/- plus service tax for an year.

  1. E-pages; one color page online displaying their photograph, their products photograph and photograph of the establishments with all the contact details and summary of business. They will get unique ID such as www.handlooms.com/your firm.html and will appear in their selected category. They would get registration in printed directory also for an year. The cost for this service is Rs. 2,000 plus service tax. For example ___2000 + 12.26%  
  2. Link in our data base online, if the client has their own website they can buy link in our online directory in their respective category. The cost for this service is Rs.2, 500/- plus service tax. For an year. In addition, they would get 1 year free subscription in offline printed directory.
  3. Website development, we shall develop website with an independent URL chosen by them. This four pages website such as home, about us, products and contact will be provided with four fully free modeling photographs of their products

a)      Your domain name for an year www./.com.

b)      Four page website designing

c)      Three mail ids

d)      Hosting (1,500/-)

e)      Maintenance for an year

f)        Four free updates on request by mail.

g)      Link of their website in handlooms.com data base (Cost Rs. 2,500/-)

h)      Registration in outline directory.(Cost Rs. 1000/-)

i)        Modeling of their four given products.

j)        Search engine promotion (Cost Rs.3,000/-)


All inclusive the website development charge is Rs. 11,000/- plus service tax.


5. Diamond plan:

a) Your domain name for an year www./.com

b) Six pages exclusive website designing with special effects like flash or multimedia etc.

c) 10 mail ids.

D) Hosting (2,500/-)

e) Maintenance for an year

f) Four free updates on request by mail.

g) Link of their website in handlooms.com data base in two categories. (Cost Rs. 2500 x 2 = 5,000/-)

h) Registration in our offline directory. (Cost Rs. 1,000/-)

i) Modeling of their 15 given products.

j) Search engine promotion (Cost Rs. 3,000/-)


  1. e-commerce suit: An exclusive customized website with dynamic search functionalities and data base with content management facility and fabulous cost saving value added features, shopping card, payment gateway integration and more than 50 model products.
    1. Your domain name for an year
    2. Eight pages website designing with special effects in flash multimedia.
    3. 20 mail ids.
    4. Hosting
    5. Maintenance for an year
    6. Twelve free updates on request by mail
    7. Link of their website in handlooms.com date base in five different categories (2,500 x 5) = 12,500/-
    8. Registration in our outline directory for an year.
    9. Dynamic search facility.
    10. One Data base
    11. Auto responders
    12. Shopping Cart
    13. Payment gateway integration
    14. Search engine optimization
    15. 50 modeled products
    16. link in our handlooms.com home page for two months cost Rs. 20,000x2 = 40,000)
    17. link in any two of our child portals as per their choice in home page for two months.
    18. All these and more for just Rs.1, 00,000/- plus service tax.


  1. The advertisements at the home page of www.handlooms.com the most popular textile vertical portal referred by more than 20,000 textile persons every day.  




    The above mentioned ad at the B2B page of handlooms.com will cost you only Rs. 15,000/- Per month.



    The above mentioned ad at the home page of handlooms.com will cost you only Rs.15,000/- per month. The same sized ad at our affiliated portals would cost 2000/- per month


    Tariff for offline printed directory of B2B handlooms.com only
    With simple entry in online directory
    1 strip ad in one page of your selected state and city Rs. 2000/- per year






    • Half Page Black & White ad for Rs.5000/-
    • Full Page Black & White ad for Rs.8000/-
    • Half Page Color ad for Rs.10,000/-
    • Full Page Color ad for Rs.18,000/-
    • 1st color page of selected State Rs. 35,000/-
    • Back Cover Page Rs. 95,000/-
    • Inner Back Cover Page Rs.50,000/- ( Booked)
    • Front Inner Page Rs.75,000/-( Booked)
    • Front 3rd Page Rs.90,000/(Booked)-
    • Front 5th Page Rs.60,000/-

    These are the services you are expected to sell as to achieve your target. Please read it carefully and if you find enthusiasm reply we will enter in another round of talk.





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