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India is land of Unity in Diversity. And this statement holds true in each and every aspect. Right from the  food, to 6147 dialects, to the festivals, to clothing we unlimited variety and diversity. Every part of our country has got its unique style of printing, weaving and dyeing. And each of these varities are artistic and elegant in their own right.

We at Weavers world have deep veneration for the various kinds of weaving done in our country. And so we want the world to know about the rich cultural heriatge of India.

At Weavers world, we will give an insight to our viewer about the artisticly crafted world of waevers. We will be providing you detailed information about the weavers of India, the kind of weaving they do, the way they work, the place were they live and also about the historical promience of those places.

We will upload as many videos as we can on a particular place along with beautiful pictures and in depth articles about different weaving centres in India.

We hope you have an enchanting, mesmerising and enlightening experience.

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